Why Italy fears EU regulations on packaging


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In the transition from recycling to reuse, Italy risks losing businesses and jobs. This is a warning raised by the Italian packaging industry in light of the European Commission’s provision that concerns the industry. As was anticipated for several weeks, the legislation being defined aims to introduce the purpose of reusing packaging for food and beverages, a move far more advanced in Italy than elsewhere in Europe. It takes space out of the existing product recycling chain where A turning point already contested by the Italian government.

“We are in a war economy. We have the most virtuous model in the world. In the name of ideology, no one’s interests are clear. We want to destroy it.” We are really off track,” he told ‘Agi Antonio D’Amato, vice president of Eppa – European Paper Packaging Allinace. Last year Italy is estimated to have recycled 73.3% of the packaging put on the market, for a total of 10,550,000 tonnes of material. Current EU regulations require 65% or more of total recycling to be achieved by 2025.

D’Amato added that what was “genuinely paradoxical” was that the proposed regulation “represents a purely ideological and inflammatory vision.” “Among the causes of drought, water stress is significantly exacerbated,” he said. In this regard, the European Paper Packaging Alliance (Eppa) has commissioned a study on the life cycle of disposable paper products. It is a renewable, certified, fully recyclable and truly recycled raw material. The study shows that switching to reusable alternatives produces 48% more. Ejecting CO2 increases drinking water consumption by 39% and extracts minerals and resources by 82%.

The study considers the environmental impact of recycled products from the entire process, from returning food and beverages to restaurants and other points of sale after first use, to cleaning and drying. A passage that consumes more energy, water and resources required for the production and use of single-use paper packaging, according to the Italian industry.

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“To think that we can ban single-use products in favor of reusable packaging instead goes against the most basic logic of food protection and consumer health protection, but also radically from a CO2 emissions perspective. 4. We consume four to five times as much water as we produce single-use containers.” Coupled with the sector’s concerns over harm to Italy’s packaging supply chain, the Commission has called the procedure forward. Considerations that can be persuaded to follow.

Source: Today

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