RIA Novosti: captured Azov militant admitted that Russians and Ukrainians are one people


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Captured militant of the nationalist regiment “Azov” (recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia) Vladislav Dudchak (callsign “Associate Professor”), who has the academic title of candidate of philosophical sciences, said that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.

A photo: Alexander Maksimenko/RIA NovostiAlexander Maksimenko/RIA Novosti

“We have a common history, and I see no reason to write it off and forget it. Yes, this is impossible,” Dudchak said in an interview with the co-chairman of the Novorossiya Center for Strategic Initiatives.

RIA Novosti has a record of the conversation. He added that the idea of ​​separating the Russian and Ukrainian peoples has been promoted in Ukraine for many years, which has become the basis for the creation of nationalist organizations. Dudchak pointed out that several hundred years ago there was no such thing as “Ukrainians”, there were Russians.

“Ukraine and Belarus are simply an integral part of the Russian state,” he added.

Dudchak was taken prisoner at Azovstal. Then he was exchanged and sent to Ukraine. Posted in August 2022. Earlier, the prisoner spoke about the requirements of the Azov commander not to spare civilians.

Source: Rambler


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