Pipeline failure, gas flow from Libya to Italy stops


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Gas flows from Libya to Italy are declining and may be closed for “unscheduled maintenance” at the Melita complex. This was reported by correspondence from Eni North Africa Bv. “Unscheduled maintenance at the Melitta complex will result in significant cuts after November 22nd, potentially reducing the flow of gas to Italy to zero. Estimated repair time is approximately one week. If it fails, it becomes a sulfur extraction unit.

Indeed, Snam data on gas flows associated with relevant points in the national transport network show a significant reduction in inflow, from 10 million cubic meters per day on 21 November to 4 million cubic meters yesterday. increase. Meters per day on November 22nd, the day of the breakdown.

It is worth remembering that Libya supplies about 4% of the gas imported to Italy via the Greenstream pipeline, which connects Sicily with the Eni gas field in southwest Libya. Despite an annual export capacity of 10 billion cubic meters, 65% of the gas extracted in western Libya, which borders Tunisia, is sent to Libya’s national network, with only the remaining 35% going to Green Stream. increase. Eni conducts various explorations both on land and at sea, as well as projects for large-scale plants from renewable energy sources.

Source: Today

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