Javier Bioscathe main one investigated for the alleged cryptocurrency scam committed by the Algorithms business group and investigated by the National Court, passed away this tuesday, as reported by legal sources. He had been free for three weeks, after having deposited the bail of one million euros set by the head of the Central Investigating Court number 1, Alejandro Abascal.

Biosca “would have committed suicide in the town of Estepona throwing himself from a fifth floor in the presence of several witnesses”, who have reported to their lawyer “supposedly the facts” as they have happened. Thus, the lawyer Emilia Zaballos, representative of the Association of People Affected by Investments in Cryptocurrencies, has communicated it in a letter sent urgently to the Court to communicate the death.

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Until now, the deceased was accused of continuous fraud, misappropriation and falsehood in a public document, crimes that he allegedly perpetrated through the company Algorithmics Group by attracting private investors since 2019 who wanted to obtain high interests in the cryptocurrency market. The damage would be around 500 million euros and there would be more than 750 affected.

The Criminal Procedure Law and the Penal Code contemplate the extinction of both the action and criminal liability in the event of the defendant’s death. In this particular case, the magistrate is also investigating the wife and son of the Algorithmics broker.

“Cumulus of threats” towards Biosca

“It is known, reported on several occasions, the cluster of threats that Mr. Biosca has received from criminal organizations that would have invested with him, therefore these facts of death must be investigated and perform an autopsy before burial or cremation, to find out the identity of the deceased person and the cause of death. For this reason, we are interested in prohibiting any cremation of the corpse until the autopsy is done,” Zaballos requested.

The lawyer has also urged that “defense counsel is required to provide the data of the people who were present at the time of the events.” Zaballos explains that Biosca’s guarantor was with the broker at the time, to negotiate “forms of payment with certain groups of affected parties, as well as the return of the bail provided to manage his release”.

“This must be verified and investigated as a matter of priority by the Court, and if your honor sees fit, in order to have a thorough knowledge of what happened and to what extent has it been a suicide”, concludes the lawyer in her letter.

Reentry and subsequent release from prison

It was last July when the judge agreed to return to prison provisional de Biosca with a guarantee of one million euros. The judge made that decision after both his former lawyers and his guarantor warned the instructor that they suspected he could flee.

Abascal justified this measure by pointing out that his first guarantor, who had deposited the million euros of bail that allowed Biosca to be released from the Valdemoro prison (Madrid) on June 29, expressly asked the National Court to return it.

However, Biosca got a guarantor again and last October he deposited the million euros required by the court, which allowed him to be released from prison.