American Admiral Mullen: there is a risk of a direct clash between Russia and the United States in Ukraine


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Retired US Admiral Mike Mullen said in an interview with PBS that the conflict in Ukraine could escalate into a third world war if nuclear weapons are used. He noted that now is a very dangerous time and the conflict should be ended without the use of nuclear weapons.

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“I am very afraid if these weapons appear, we will be very close to the third world war and the war with Russia,” RIA Novosti quoted the officer as saying.

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Mullen stressed that only through diplomacy can the conflict in Ukraine be resolved, but for this it is necessary to form the principles and framework of the negotiation process. The day before, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev pointed out that the United States and its allies are playing off the peoples and pushing the world into a global war, refusing to condemn the glorification of racism and Nazism.

Earlier, two international security analysts Ben Ollerenshaw and Julian Spencer-Churchill, in a joint article for the National Interest magazine, said that the US and NATO countries would rather “leave” Ukraine than start a global war.

Source: Rambler

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