The head of the Ministry of Finance of Germany: the country is in a state of energy war


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Germany is currently “in a state of energy war,” German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said at a press conference. Writes about it TASS.

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“We are in an energy war for prosperity and freedom,” Lindner said.

According to him, the task of the enemy is to destroy what the Germans have been building for decades. He warned that the German authorities were not going to put up with this state of affairs and would take the necessary measures to counteract and resolve the situation.

The minister clarified that the decision on artificial regulation of gas prices, adopted on Thursday, September 29, “is a clear response from Russia.”

Lindner also called for starting the withdrawal of blue fuel from underground gas storage facilities, which are currently 90% full. In his opinion, this will reduce prices in the energy market.

Source: Rambler


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