Cuba says yes to same-sex marriage and adoption


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Cuba will wipe out prejudice and open the door to same-sex marriage, not just same-sex marriage. In a historic referendum, Cubans voted “yes” to reform family law. It will introduce same-sex marriage, adoption and surrogacy to the country, among many other innovations. In a referendum held yesterday, 67% of his voters were in favor of the change. The results were announced by Alina Balseiro, chairman of the National Electoral Council (Cen), noting that some constituencies in the three states had not yet been counted, but the Cen did not is verified as “valid and irreversible”.

What does the new Cuban family code foresee

According to Cen, turnout for the referendum was high, with 6,251,786 people taking part in the ballot, representing 74.01% of the 8.4 million registered voters. Reform of the Cuban Family Law was approved with 3,936,790 votes in favor, representing 66.87% of the total votes cast (1,950,090 voted “against”, or 33.13%). The new text, which replaces the previous one from 1975, introduces same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. In addition, it regulates surrogacy and brings novelty to the fight against sexual violence, along with a ban on child marriage. Among other things, it provides for the transfer of the “parental responsibilities” of minors to the elderly, which is fundamental to the Island of Immigration, and promotes an equal division of domestic rights and responsibilities between men and women.

On TV after being kidnapped and suing TODAY for being gay: ‘We just want to be mothers’

Source: Today

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