Thursday, September 29, 2022

Huanqiu Shibao: US will cede leadership to Germany in Europe and Japan in Asia

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The United States is losing leadership positions to Germany in Europe and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Huanqiu shibao. Translation of the article into English fulfilled China’s official military portal China Military.

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According to Huanqiu shibao, putting the world on the path of globalization and democratization of international relations should have led to the US losing its leadership positions, but the Russian-Ukrainian conflict allowed Washington to once again rally Europe under its leadership and restore hegemony over it.

However, it also gave countries like Japan and Germany a chance to achieve ‘normal status’ or strategic independence.

The material explains that, despite the fact that Japan and Germany now “lean on the United States as the main strategic pillar” in the struggle for dominance in Europe and East Asia with Russia and China, after achieving their short-term goals, they will leave the alliance and more never return to the “cage” of the United States.

It is difficult to say whether the US will recover from this round of games as the world’s sole superpower or continue to go downhill, but the opportunity for Japan and Germany to gain more strategic independence will cause new structural upheavals on the international landscape, including within the Western bloc. added shibao to Huanqiu.

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They stressed that the new alignment of forces in the international arena could either lead to “a new wave of chaos and even war” or push humanity closer “towards multipolarity.”

Source: Rambler

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