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Before you fall asleep: Moscow’s warning to Kyiv and Macron’s confusion

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Until you fell asleep, Rambler followed the news and selected the most important ones. Read the digest, subscribe to Rambler in social networks: In contact with, Classmates.

The Kremlin warned Kyiv against attacks after the referenda

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If referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions decide to join, Ukraine’s attempts to regain control over these territories will be regarded as an attack on Russia. This was stated today by the official representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, writes “”.

“Of course, the Constitution of the Russian Federation will immediately apply to these territories,” the press secretary of the Russian president explained.

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Macron failed to explain Putin’s actions in Ukraine

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French President Emmanuel Macron said he had no explanation as to why Russian leader Vladimir Putin chose to act in Ukraine in this way. He spoke about this in an interview with CNN.

“I have no rational explanation,” he stated.

According to the French leader, perhaps Vladimir Putin’s actions may be related to the strategy of hegemony in the region. At the same time, Macron considered the decision to launch a special operation a “giant” mistake.

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Erdogan made a statement about the whereabouts of Medvedchuk

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Viktor Medvedchuk, released from Ukrainian captivity, left Turkey for Russia. About it writes RIA Novosti.

According to him, during the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey was given the names of 200 people.

“These are all our guests. On one of them (Medvedchuk, – approx.) Putin (President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, – approx.) emphasized. We sent it to Russia. We resolutely continue the process,” Erdogan said.

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In the EU country, they offered a “shelter” for evaders from mobilization in the Russian Federation

Germany should grant political asylum to those Russian citizens who flee Russia “due to anti-war convictions” and do not want to participate in partial mobilization, German politicians say.

In particular, such a call was made by the head of the affairs of the parliamentary faction of the ruling party “Union-90” / “The Greens” in the Bundestag, Irene Mihalich. Her opinion is given by Deutsche Welle (included in the list of media-foreign agents) with reference to the German newspaper Rheinische Post.

Johan Wadeful, deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU opposition bloc faction, agrees with Michalik, who called on the country’s government to issue humanitarian visas “more generously and on a larger scale”, including to Russian “military personnel who publicly oppose” the Russian authorities.

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Four deputies of the State Duma applied for participation in the SVO

Andrei Turchak, secretary of the United Russia General Council, said that four State Duma deputies had submitted applications to him with a request to send them to a special operation. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

We are talking about the deputy head of the committee on family, women and children, Vitaly Milonov, the head of the health committee, Dmitry Khubezov, the deputy head of the defense committee, Dmitry Sablin, and the deputy chairman of the committee on economic policy, Sergei Sokol.

According to Turchak, now the applications of the deputies should be considered by the Ministry of Defense.

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Lukashenka warned of a “grand nix” in Poland

The Polish authorities are on the verge of a “grand nix” in the form of elections, as the Polish people will still ask them for “brainless and situational politics.” This was stated today by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, writes “Belta”.

The head of state noted that so far Poland is suffering the least as a result of the EU sanctions confrontation with Russia and Belarus, but the country’s leadership itself is exacerbating relations with its neighbors. The last example is the demand for reparations from Germany.

“Before you demand compensation from the Germans, think that you also owe someone. This is such a brainless and situational policy. This can be understood in connection with the fact that they are on the eve of a grandiose nix – they have elections. And they will drink this cup, as we are in 2020 at their suggestion, to the bottom. But not at our suggestion, we will not touch them, and the people will ask from them,” Lukashenka noted.

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The Russians rushed to withdraw cash

The volume of cash in circulation on September 22 increased significantly. Growth is estimated at 132.1 billion rubles, RBC reports citing statistics from the Bank of Russia.

According to analysts of the currency regulator, only on March 4 the indicator showed an excess of this value (+151.5 billion rubles).

The level, which was observed the day before, still lags behind the values ​​of the end of February. Then the turnover of cash in Russia increased by 1.4 rubles, which was a record.

Bozena Rynska renounced Russian citizenship

Journalist Bozhena Rynska announced on her Instagram (the company owning Meta was recognized as an extremist organization) that she had decided to renounce her Russian citizenship. She also said that she faced some difficulties.

As the blogger explained, in order to renounce citizenship, she had to provide a tax certificate. However, the department said that they could not issue the document due to technical reasons.

“Since September 5, I have been waiting for this filthy paper. The first time I was polite. The second time, having spent time and money on the road, I brought an employee to tears. The third time you will cry with the whole squad, ”Rynska threatened.

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Toyota confirmed the cessation of production in Russia

Toyota has confirmed its decision to stop car production in Russia, TASS reports. The company clarified that this decision was not easy.

They promise to help employees with employment and retraining, they are also ready to provide financial support. As for the representative office in Moscow, it will be restructured to support retail chains and provide customer service in the country.

Source: Rambler

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