Friday, September 30, 2022

Stopping Layoffs: Multinational Wartsila Saves 451 Employees

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For now, our 451 employees can breathe a sigh of relief. Labor Judge Paolo Ancora of the Trieste Court sentenced Wartsilla to withdraw from the dismissal proceedings which began on July 14. requested the company to pay €50,000 for each In addition, judges require Finnish multinational companies to publish their laws in major national newspapers. First comments from his Michele Piga, Alessandro Gavagnin and Antonio Rodà, representatives of CGIL, CISL and UIL.

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The match against Wärtsilä was won on court, but there are many fields where it has been played. If a garrison of workers lasted 65 days in front of the factory, the alignment and compactness of all institutional subjects produced a veritable Adriatic fortress. A place to evoke, the forces of the field created a collective sabotage that became the primary weapon used to defend the piece. Greatness emphasized by all interpreters without any missteps.

From 15,000 people hitting the streets (only No Green Passes made it this far in the fall of 2021) to the Daewoo ship being blocked off the roads for 25 days and forced to leave without buying an engine, €1 million Spent a weak and everything worked out. An all-out defense like never before, relying on concrete solidarity on the part of the ports (a symbol of the press silence of the Port Authority President Zeno D’Agostino, as if to emphasize a precise strategy based on ‘let’s work’). ), we think”), but also thanks to the tremendous commitment carried out by the trade unions, it was once possible to count on the support of the ruling class as well as the locals.

A kind of “Trieste system” that has endured the influence of corporate decision-making that has been repeatedly defined as “arrogant” and “unscrupulous”. When Uhl Fusion asked for his 12 engines to be installed singly (in-house production), the port office began analyzing the request and stated a brief but very technical reason: I’ve come to the conclusion that it can’t be done. The trap in which Wartsilla fell into sensationalism. The company continued to send out official memos saying it wanted to continue investing in Trieste, in fact laying off hundreds of people. “Today is a great day, Piga from Cgil.

Today, the statute clarifies the company’s “anti-union” behavior and abolishes the current dismissal procedures. It’s not certain that Wartsila won’t do that, as everything is sent back 180 days before him, as stipulated by government decrees on anti-delocalization regulations. Two days after the September 25 vote, Usb indicated the decision as a “political signal” and for Ugl Antonino Spera’s Secretary of State “a path for constructive dialogue aimed at laying the foundations for a new industrial outlook.” It’s time to take a step forward.” For Massimiliano Fedriga, Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, this decision reaffirms the principles of civilization. We hope that Wartsila understands the meaning of the statement and can start an effective conversation about the factory’s industrial and employment prospects.”The Force of Law”The judge’s ruling has ended this game for the time being. The Trieste outpost has held out, but it will not be easy to resist in the coming months.

Source: Today

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