The deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, Alexander Veneditkov, has warned of the start of a “new cold war” and has called on the West, which, led by the United States, blames for the tensions, to resolve the situation by following the “example” of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

For Veneditkov, it is necessary for the parties to take into account the experience of having “successfully” resolved that conflict, known in Russia as the Caribbean Crisis, and other episodes of “equally dangerous” of the confrontation that Russia and the United States lived after the Second World War, collects the TASS agency.

“The events of 1962 are an example of how the two ‘superpowers’ can put aside the deep ideological differences that divide them in the name of joint constructive work for the benefit of all humanity,” Veneditkov said.

The Kremlin has previously accused the West of starting a sort of new Cold War not only with counter-imposed measures against the Russian economy, but also with sanctions targeting oligarchs and personalities from the country for their support of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In fact, the Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, regretted a few months ago that the attitude of the Western powers revealed “his true intentions” and highlighted “the cute slogans they were displaying when the Cold War ended.”