Media: Poland is developing plans for the distribution of potassium iodide in case of radiation alarm


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The Polish authorities are discussing action plans in the event of a radiation hazard due to events in Ukraine. According to the newspaper on Friday RzeczpospolitaPolish school principals are instructed to distribute potassium iodide tablets.

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The relevant information was received from the All-Polish Association of the Leadership of the Education System.

“Some people hear that they will have six hours for such a distribution from the moment the alarm was announced,” Marek Pleshnyar, a spokesman for the association, told the newspaper.

Similar plans are being developed in Warsaw. The capital’s mayor’s office confirmed that “preparations for the distribution of tablets containing potassium iodide in the event of a radiation emergency.” In particular, the city prepares distribution points and appoints coordinators.

According to the press secretary of the Warsaw mayor’s office, Jakub Leduchowski, “the distribution of the pills will be launched after the decision of the Mazovian governor on this matter is issued,” although, “according to information from the government administration, the risk of a radiation accident is minimal.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland also reported that potassium iodide tablets were handed over to the fire department. As assured in the ministry, this is a standard procedure.

Against the backdrop of what is happening around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Poland, the issue of the state of shelters for the civilian population was also raised. According to the newspaper, there are 62,000 such places in the republic, but there is no information about their condition and readiness.

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