Thursday, September 29, 2022

EU-Canada deal opposed by Italy will increase Italian exports by 36%

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Our country has always been against it. None of the Italian governments that have followed each other in the last five years have ratified Ceta. Ceta is her free trade deal between the EU and Canada that has jeopardized her Made in Italy defenses to the world and has been accused of obtaining unsafe food in Europe. But the agreement, which partially entered into force five years ago, has already brought some benefits to Italy.

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Tricolor exports to Canada increased by 36% from 2017 to 2021, reaching €7 billion. The Italian confectionery industry and producers of fruit and vegetable-based foods were among the most benefited sectors, with exports to Canada increasing by 98% and 82%, respectively, compared to pre-Ceta levels. is. Highlighting the growth of Italy and her EU exports is the European Commission Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the application of the agreement.


Since the provisional entry into force of CETA in 2017, Italian investment in Canada has increased by 289%, reaching €3.8 billion in 2021. At the same time, Canada’s investment in Italy increased by 185% to reach 1.1 billion euros. .

Italy, one of 11 countries that have not yet ratified Ceta, also increased its imports of raw materials from Canada by 101%, especially fluorspar and iron ore. Trade increased due to the elimination of most tariffs contained in Ceta.

Some of the agreements already in force allow European companies to participate in public tenders in Canada and vice versa, as well as mutual recognition of professions and protection of copyright and industrial patents to

In 2018, Movimento 5 Stelle e Lega’s “yellow-green” government spoke out. vice versa al Ceta had threatened to scrap the agreement altogether. Italy’s position became more nuanced in his Pd-M5s administration, with Democrats in favor of ratifying it and Pentastellati confirming its opposition.Coldiretti split the agricultural world vice versa and the Italian Farmers Federation preferableOn the occasion of the fifth anniversary of its accession, European Commission Vice-President Bardis Dombrovskis said: “There has been five years of solid evidence that CETA will help without prejudice in supporting jobs and growth in the EU. Validity of contract.

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After the European Parliament voted in favor in early 2017, tariff cuts started to boost trade between the EU and Canada in the years that followed. “All economic sectors are benefiting. This is a dynamic partnership needed in today’s turbulent geopolitical environment,” said Dombrovski, adding that the Commissioner said Italy He concluded without mentioning countries that continue to oppose the agreement, including the United States. It has benefited in terms of exports and investments.

Source: Today

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