Thursday, September 29, 2022

Norway opposes gas price caps and long-term contracts

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To cope with the consequences of the energy crisis, it is not necessary to impose a limit on gas prices, it is necessary to move on to the conclusion of long-term contracts, said Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stere.

A photo: Business newspaper “Vzglyad”Business newspaper “Vzglyad”
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The prime minister considered the price cap a dangerous measure, because of the lack of supplies, it will not reduce demand in Europe, but Russia will be able to find other buyers. In this regard, Stere called for “considering other measures to stabilize the market.” In particular, he suggested “see how you can prioritize long-term contracts for gas supplies, since now there are only short-term contracts on the spot markets,” reports RIA News”.

Recall that the proposal to introduce a price limit for Russian gas did not receive broad support from EU energy ministers. On September 9, the ministers did not agree on a decision to introduce cap prices for gas from Russia. Many European countries were not afraid to oppose this idea: Austria, Hungary, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. Support for the proposal to establish a limit comes from Poland and, probably, a number of other European countries that have already refused to purchase Russian gas.

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Source: Rambler

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