The Madrid’s community will request this Wednesday in the Interterritorial Council of Health that the mask is no longer mandatory on public transport. One day before, the ministry has cooled a debate that is not foreseen in the official agenda of the meeting and that at the moment is not accompanied by a recommendation from the experts who advise the Government and communities or by an evaluation by their respective Director Generals of Public Health.

At this time there are no proposals of the Report on Alerts in this regard and as soon as it arrives, in the event that it arrives, we will be in a position to assess to take, as always, the best of measures and always hand in hand with experts”, said the minister of Health, Carolina Dariasthis Tuesday from Moncloa.

Do you think that the obligation to wear a mask on public transport should be withdrawn?

In this way, Darias has removed the possibility that this Wednesday the Government and communities agree to eliminate the mask from public transport that together with nursing homes and health centers These are the only areas in which its use is still mandatory.

Madrid wants now

“It’s time to go one step further”justified this Tuesday the Madrid Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escuderowhich has justified that “there is no longer community transmission of the virus” to eliminate an obligation that, according to Darias herself, is one of the last vestiges of the pandemic.

As pointed out in the Community of Madrid, it is something that the transport sector also asks for. the aceociation of Urban Public Transport and Metropolitanos has also requested it by letter to Darias, defending that it would not be “an irreversible decision” but that they would be the first “to request the mandatory use of the mask if necessary.” The Airline Association He also believes it is necessary to “reach normality” on planes and match the rest of the EU countries, where the mask is no longer required.

Thus, the Madrid regional government will put this Wednesday on the table of the Interterritorial Health Council the debate on the end of the mask in public transport. It would not be the first time since the Covid broke out that a request of an autonomous government ends up becoming a decision formally a few weeks later, but in this case the Ministry for the moment believes that the issue is not mature or that, at least, there is no expert indication in this regard.

According to sources from the Darias department, at the moment the Report on Health Alerts and Emergencies has not raised no report recommending some change in the use of masks and this issue has not gone to the Public Health Commissionthe body that, apart from the political discussion between the minister and councillors, would be competent to make such a decision.