Although we have already had a month of discounts, some brands remain faithful to the spirit of Black Friday and restrict their offers to the last weekend of November. Between so much whirlwind of publicity, prices and bargains andIt’s very easy to get lost and end up buying something that is either not needed or gives us bad results.

When we look for an electric bicycle, we must be especially careful, since they are not particularly cheap objects, to buy and get it right. Electric bikes have become the stars of this campaign and more than 200,000 units were sold last year alone. Norauto writes the following decalogue to buy an electric bike safely on this Black Friday.

  1. Be clear about the use that is going to be given. That is, if we need an electric city, mountain, foldable…
  2. Are you going to combine the bicycle with the car or public transport? A good option may be to resort to a folding bicycle.
  3. The type of battery and autonomy. There are many options on the market that fit every need.
  4. Height of the person who will use the bicycle. It is necessary to verify if the handlebar is adjustable in height or if there are several designs according to the height of the user.
  5. material type the bike is made of, as it directly affects durability.
  6. The weight. If the bicycle is going to be loaded a lot, it is a factor to take into account.
  7. Wheel. Check the type and size of the wheels, as it will influence the manageability, comfort…
  8. Extra equipment. What do we need and what is a whim, since it will affect the price.
  9. You have to check that it meets quality standards for bicycles of the European Union.
  10. Buy it in a place where they give you guarantees.
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Obviously, The last piece of advice is to always define the budget that we want to invest and adjust to the type of bike we need, not the one we would most like to have or a model that appeals to us but, later, we do not use.