The influencer Jen Hamilton, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, recently showed an unusual fact on her social network account: received a package from his grandmother.

“This fact would not be very relevant, except for the fact that my grandmother passed away two years ago“, explained the young woman before the camera, just before proceeding to open the bag with the shipment.

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Inside was a photo of his grandparents and a $250 money order. Nothing more. The postmark made it possible to verify that the package was sent on November 14 of this year.

there was no “letter, context, nothing”, Hamilton said, very confused, who verified that the return address was where her grandmother lived during her life.

“My mom had no idea what was going on. but recognized the handwriting on the package“, Hamilton explained about the caligafria of the address on the outside of the shipment. Shortly after, he found out that his sister and cousin also received an “identical package with the exact same things inside, also without context.”

The video racked up over six million views before Jen was able to unravel the mystery: Your aunts and uncles sold your grandmother’s car recently. and the money order came from the sale of the vehicle, since the sum was divided among the members of his family.

Hamilton explained that his relatives did this as a gesture of affection and homage and that he will now use the money.”the way grandma would have wanted me to“, during the Christmas season.