Human beings are increasingly dependent on electronic devices. The addiction reaches such a point that it even makes some people go to the emergency room for a confusion as terrible as believing that they do not have a pulse for the simple reason that a smart watch does not indicate it.

As a Twitter user recounts, a person went to the doctor because his device indicated that he had no pulse. Far from reconsidering that this could be working badlydecided that the best decision was to go to the emergency room.

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“Tell me that what comes to me by WhatsApp from a PAC is”He has written next to an image of the diagnosis:” He comes because the smart watch usually shows a heart rate of between 60 and 72 bpm and now it shows 00. He has restarted it twice and it continues to dial 00. He is fine and has no symptoms. No dyspnea.”

Upon arrival at the consultation, the pertinent tests were carried out and he had a heart rate of 88 beats per minute and a saturation of 97%. Given this, the doctor could only decree that it was a “smart watch malfunction”so the treatment was translated into “assessing the symptoms before going to the health system and repairing the smart watch”.

Now that this report has gone viral on social networks, with almost 10,000 ‘likes’, many professionals in the health sector They assure that they usually receive very similar cases to this.