Volkswagen is confident that autonomous cars will become mainstream by 2030


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Volkswagen (VW) CEO Thomas Schafer believes the automaker’s autonomous vehicles will become popular around the world by 2030. He also said the automaker is “strengthening its development partnerships.”

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Volkswagen plans to develop much of the software needed for self-driving cars in-house. Volkswagen is working on its own autonomous car operating systems to compete with big tech firms like Apple and Amazon in electric vehicle data.

“Our goal is to offer our customers the most powerful features in the shortest possible time and develop with maximum profitability,” he added.

Shafter also spoke about some of VW’s problems with self-driving cars.

“These are legislation, camera systems, chips, power consumption and computing speed. The car will become the largest device for collecting data. It’s really difficult.”

Thomas Schafer also said: “The technology already exists and we are conducting self-driving tests in Hamburg and Munich. The cost of such vehicles is still prohibitive because production volumes are so small and there will always be a need to prove that the system can drive better than humans. Legislation in this area is important, and the situation in each country is completely different.”

Source: Rambler

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