Since Lula da Silva’s victory in the elections on October 30 in Brazil, the followers of the Social Liberal Party are lamenting the departure of Jair Bolsonaro from the Government. And so much is his grief that, before his successor took office, some of his voters wanted to ask for help from ‘higher forces’.

It seems somewhat surreal, but this is how it could be seen this Sunday in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegrewhere some Bolsonaristas gathered to try to communicate with the aliensAs reported .

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“Guys, I’ve gone for a bike ride like I always do. I recorded this pearl of the ‘coup makers’ asking for extraterrestrial help with the mobile on his headmaking light signals and asking for help for the ‘general,'” wrote Marcelo Nunes on Facebook, who found them next to his house.

As seen in the video, the protesters have their mobile phones, with the flashlight on, over their heads and, with their hands, they cover and uncover the light to make signals. “Look at us… Look at us, ‘general’!” Shouts one of those present. “SOS,” another woman yells.

The truth is that this surreal scene could have its origin on November 6, when some UFOs in the sky of Porto Alegre and a follower of Bolsonaro declared that these UFOs would be the “salvation of Brazil” against Lula da Silva.