The Argentinian Martin Cirio has aroused the anger of thousands of canaries after discover live that the Canary Islands exist and are located at the height of the African continent. After his initial confusion, the creator’s statements are becoming more absurd.

In search of islands in Spain, he discovers Tenerife for the first time, very close to Las Palmas and is surprised: “Is there Palma de Mallorca?”. Though she quickly realizes his mistake, she later makes a worse one.

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“Is the Canary Islands in Africa? Is Spain Europe and Africa? Are there black Spaniards?“, he wonders. The location of the archipelago produces a short circuit in which he is not able to understand what the canaries will really be like.

He quickly found out because his words went viral last May and received the ire of many islanders. The tweeter Oye_carlos has shown the video again, making his opinion very clear.

“It’s Europe in Africa, but with people in Europe,” the 35-year-old Argentine continues. “It is very rare, there is not a black, they are also all white.”

The video actually goes on for another ten minutes before the decides to continue with his direct. However, the damage is already done. That’s why, he had to post another video soon after to ‘apologize’.

“Canarias is one of those places that only those who live there know,” he explained, to correct his words, only making the situation worse. “What a mess I got myself into”he lamented.