A small Saudi boy has gone viral on social media after yell at the male guests who had come to eat at his house and defended his mother.

The boy takes some food to the table, around which there are a dozen Saudi adults, and then asks who the honoree is. One of the men replies “it’s me” and the boy blurts out: “you are not welcome”causing laughter from others.

“Me mother has been working in the kitchen since yesterday and eat and go home”, he says angrily, to the laughter of all the men.

The point is that the video sparked a debate on social media about the background of the video and about Saudi rules and customs.

Many of these comments were criticisms that valued that it was a matter of machismo, to which the user who uploaded the video reacted. “Typical of Twitter what is happening here. For non-Arab commentators, if you have no idea about Arab culture, it is advisable to remain silent rather than comment while getting information about it from random places on the internet.”

“I don’t see anything ‘cute’. I see a child upset because his mother works as a slave girl in the kitchen while the men eat. I see men who dismiss the child’s anguish laughing at him. No, nothing ‘cute’ about that,” said one user.

“This is what Middle Eastern women and Saudi women are like. We love to cook and do housework in addition to our workbecause we don’t like our men to eat from other people’s hands, and this is the reason for our love”, said another saying just the opposite.

“Regardless of all this is a bad behavior of the boy. And his father I should teach him some manners regarding the treatment of guests”, valued another.

“This is just a joke, everyone knows how generous, respectful and grateful the Saudi citizen is with their guests”, made another user from that country see.