That the workers make reforms and leave something behind them is more frequent than normal. It already happened in USA when a man met a bag of chips between the walls of your house which was intact after 60 years.

But the story that follows is even more surreal. And it is that a Twitter user has shared in her profile that his cat got stuck in the renovation of the bathtub in his house.

“It’s 2 in the morning and I go to bed after having burst the bathroom that the workers have been fixing all day, because they had left my cat inside,” writes the young woman, accompanying the text with two photos where you can see the destruction of the work and when the cat sticks its head out of the hole that its owner had to do to get it out.

The girl says that she woke up her parents crying telling them what happened. “My mother asking if she has drowned and my father wondering what a closed bathtub looks likehow I have closed it, if ours is a normal bathtub”, he continues.

Likewise, the embroidery that the young woman wore on her clothes said “I hope you find what you are looking for“, a quite accurate phrase for the moment in which he was living.

Fortunately, the cat got out of the bathtub unharmed and its owner shared some photos where you can see the animal resting quietly. “Whenever I get home at night I scream a couple of times calling my cat in case he’s still outside, but From today I will not think anymore“, He assures after what happened.

The story of this young woman has gone viral on the social network and the comments have been filled with both curious and memes. “Curiosity killed the cat”, “Here is a cat locked up” and “The cat: what a scare Karen, I almost did the “, Are some of the responses to the tweets.

There are even some who share similar stories. “Once I went to change a bathtub for a shower tray in a flat that was about 10/15 years old. In the same hole where yours was, we found a mummified cat. The owners did not have or had had pets. We assume that it happened during the works”, comments a user.

The workers are not to blame.

The owner claims that now laughs at the anecdotebut at the time she was distressed because she didn’t know where the meows were coming from, since she couldn’t find him anywhere.

Even so, he defends that it is not the fault of the masons and asks the tweeters to stop insulting them. “How are you going to think that when you got confused a cat has gotten into the 15×15 hole? centimeters from the work?”, he asked himself.