Thursday, September 29, 2022

XC90 successor to be Volvo’s ‘safest’ model

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Volvo spoke about the successor to the XC90 crossover – the EX90 electric car. It will be equipped with lidar as standard and, apparently, will be the safest model of the Swedish brand. The all-terrain vehicle will be able to detect pedestrians from 250 meters, as well as monitor the driver’s condition and even stop on his own if he loses consciousness. The premiere of the Volvo EX90 electric car is scheduled for November 9th.

A photo: Volvo Recharge© Concept VolvoVolvo Recharge© Concept Volvo
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The successor to the Volvo XC90 will be presented on November 9th. It will be the EX90 electric crossover, which the company says claims to be the safest model of the Swedish marque. The lidar built into the car alone will reduce the number of serious accidents by 20 percent, plus nine percent will reduce the likelihood of any, even the smallest accident.

The EX90’s on-board electronics will receive data from a set of sensors. In addition to the Luminar lidar, it will include eight cameras, five radars and 16 ultrasonic sensors. The active rangefinder will be responsible for building a detailed map of the area in real time. Its accuracy is so high that from a distance of 250 meters you can determine the pose of a person, and from 120 meters at night you can “see” a tire on the road.

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The electronics will also look after the driver. Volvo taught her to follow the eyes of a person, to determine when he was distracted, tired or about to fall asleep. Having detected discrepancies in behavioral patterns, the system will first turn on warning signals. Their volume will increase as they approach a certain critical point. If the driver does not respond in any way, the car will stop and contact emergency services.

Also, the EX90 is likely to receive an autopilot of the third level of autonomy on the SAE scale. That is, in some cases, the driver will not need to keep his hands on the steering wheel and even look at the road. The system will only work on a few highways around the world, but the developers promise to expand the geography as new updates are released.

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Source: Rambler

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