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Boldmen CR4 Meets Alpina Roadster Limited Edition

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The Boldmen CR4 is probably one of the most interesting production vehicles you can actually buy. Time for a comparison to the Alpina Roadster Limited Edition from over 30 years ago, which has many similarities to the Boldmen.

Friedhelm Wiesmann doesn’t like that his youngest son, the Boldmen CR4, is called the BMW Z4. With the so-called BMW CLAR architecture, which forms the basis for an exclusive car factory product, no part of the CR4 skin is identical to the base sheet metal part. Legendary sports car After the demise of his brand (1988 to his 2013), Wiesmann wanted to start over and founded a new car brand with entrepreneurs Harald and Michael Kass. And the fact that this effort is still working in an era of increasingly difficult approval procedures is almost sensational.

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After all, entrepreneurs Käs and Wiesmann have already delivered 13 cars to their customers. The Boldmen CR4 is more than just a project announced in a glossy brochure, as is often the case with exotic cars. Trade fair. No, it stands on the road, drives, and is continuously produced.

Carbon instead of sheet metal

There are good reasons to rent it and put it next to the BMW Z1-based Alpina Roadster Limited Edition. Even if the approaches are quite different, there are definitely similarities between the two models. Like Boldmen, Alpina also has manufacturer status. And then there is cooperation with BMW.

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But above all, the Bavarian Swabians have in mind maximum independence. Not only does the CR4 look nothing like his Z4, it’s got a big technical change as well. Instead of simple sheet metal, his engineer Michael Käs (who incidentally worked for Alois Ruf and later he worked for Alpina) used carbon as the outer skin to save about 100 kilograms of weight compared to the base. I’m here.

Excited with 408 hp

The excitement is slowly rising. It’s about time the 3-liter straight-six (his B58 borrowed from BMW’s shelf) wraps up with a CR4 bringing a 408 instead of the previous 340 Penn. The compact roadster’s first few meters are an impressive demonstration that it’s not just his renamed Z4. When it comes to longitudinal and lateral dynamics, the CR4 darts ferociously around turns than the base does, but doesn’t skimp on remaining comfort.

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The CR4 also functions as a tourer, cruising hundreds of kilometers at a time without injuring the crew’s back. It’s always possible to toss the corners of the passenger’s mouth upwards again for a short dynamic interlude when diving into traffic on a country road.

The right pedal can also be used to generate plenty of forward thrust, taking only 3.9 seconds to reach country road speed. And as the engine speeds up, so does the sound experience of the purring and trumpeting 6-Pointer, despite the sound-attenuating turbo. The latter doesn’t keep the 3-litre from revving lightly toward the limiter, but it delivers a hammer-like punch.

Fresh air kick after adrenaline kick

A kick of fresh air follows a kick of adrenaline. Alpina works a little better with the topic “Wind in your face” than CR4. A small and quirky BMW Z1 with its now-legendary electric sliding doors, in this case the Alpina Roadster, is a huge hit in terms of the convertible experience. The fact that Alpina is available here is of course very important, especially in the context of the Boldmen CR4. Bovensiepens named his Z1 BMW-Alpina RLE, which stands for ‘Roadster Limited Edition’.

With only 66 built, this roadster is truly rare. Of course, Buchloe engineers tweaked the propellant to make it a pleasure to drive. Instead of a 2.5, his six-cylinder Alpina engine he pours a 2.7 and provides an engine power of 200 hp. So a 1.3-ton truck isn’t slow by any means, but it needs a lot of revs to go fast. Another issue is his switch from CR4.

endless fun

But cruising in an Alpina Roadster, especially with the doors open (allowed, by the way), is a very unique experience. your point of view. Either way, both highly exclusive cars offer a lot of fun in different ways. It’s nice to be able to arrange the new CR4 to your liking. Of course, the fine interior materials are also a good form. The Werden team near Augsburg manufactures a wide range of fine cowhide leathers. We may produce multiple cowhide leathers at the same time, and we also have virtually unlimited color options.

Starting at €184,900, the CR4 is a limited edition, but still a serious everyday car. Of course, this also includes cutting-edge infotainment. Everything from a great music system to on-screen navigation to smartphone integration is included. Finding a suitable Alpina for his roadster is more difficult as most owners no longer distribute copies. They often do not appear on the relevant stock exchanges for months. And there should be little room for price negotiation. Little Tip: Order a CR4 and enjoy the Alpina Roadster Limited Edition Detective Hunt. It’s great that you can have this much fun if your budget allows.

Alpina Roadster Limited Edition – Technical Data:

Roadster, Year of manufacture: 1990-1991, Length: 3.92m, Width: 1.69m, Height: 1.28m, Wheelbase: 2.45m

2.7-liter in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine, 147 kW/200 hp, peak torque: 261 Nm at 4900 rpm, 0-100 km/h: 7.1 seconds, Vmax: 231 km/h, 5-speed manual transmission

Old-new price: 116,000 Deutsche Mark

Today’s market price according to classic data:
Note 2: 99,000 euros
Note 3: 63,000 euros
Note 4: 34,000 euros

Boldmen CR4 – Technical Data:

Roadster, Length: 4.42m, Width: 1.93m, Height: 1.28m, Wheelbase: 2.47m

3.0-liter 6-cylinder petrol engine with two turbochargers, 300 kW/408 hp, peak torque: 610 Nm, 0-100 km/h: 3.9 seconds, Vmax: 250 km/h, 8-speed automatic transmission (converter) , average consumption: 7.9 l/100 km (WLTP), CO2 emissions: 181 g/km, base price: from € 184,900

Source: N-TV

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