This summer 225 people have died in traffic accidents. The months of July and August of this year accumulate 19% more accidents than the same period last year (it is also true that mobility was not entirely the same) and 5% more than in the past 2019, before that the pandemic affected traffic. So that, the summer of this 2022 has become the most eventful of the last three years.

AECA-ITV warns that, of all the factors that influence the accident rate, there is a close relationship between traffic accidents and absenteeism in the ITV. According to data from the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, the percentage of vehicles that circulated without the technical inspection up to date It was 40% of the park, a figure that represents 13% more than that registered in the same period of 2019, when absenteeism in the ITV was around 27%. Thus, in addition to being the summer with the highest number of accidents, it is also the summer in terms of absenteeism in ITV reviews.

Preventive work against the aging of the park

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“The status of a vehicle’s technical inspection is directly related to its safety, since the preventive work of the ITV is fundamental to determine the conditions in which it is found and reduce or avoid risks on the road”, assures the managing director of AECA-ITV, Guillermo Magaz. “If a vehicle has a defect in any of its systems, it is more likely to cause or suffer an accident”

From AECA-ITV they have wanted to draw the attention of drivers so that they go to any of the more than 400 ITV centers that exist in the country to carry out the corresponding inspection, thus guaranteeing not only your safety but that of other users of roads, paths and highways. He also recalls that the ITV can be passed up to 30 days before the term expires, without affecting the validity of the document.

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The direct relationship between absenteeism in the ITV and the accident rate is also aggravated by the aging of the automobile fleet in Spain. The chance of being killed or seriously injured is increased as the years of the vehicle increase, that is why as it turns years, the period in which it is necessary to go to pass the ITV review is shortened.