Place surveillance cameras It is a good resource to control the people who pass through the area where they are installed, in case an unexpected altercation occurs. But you have to know where to put them, because if it is an inappropriate place, it can have certain consequences.

A chinese company has been criticized for install this type of device above toilets to be able to monitor employees during their bathroom breaks.

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This is not the first time this has happened in China. There have been companies that have cut employee wages for spending too much time in the bathroom, others workers were fined for using it more than once a day, and even a company that installed timers to control the minutes spent on the toilet.

But none of those examples comes close to the solution of a tech company in Xiamen, Fujian province, which reportedly installed cameras above its employees’ toilet stalls to monitor phone usage during breaks to relieve himself.

The photos captured by the cameras have been spread on Chinese social networks, where they quickly went viral. It wasn’t long before someone recognized the bottom as the baths of China Aviation Lithium Battery Technology Co.a state-owned company specializing in the production of lithium batteries.

After the images went viral and the company was contacted by the media for clarification, the company issued a statement saying admitted that the leaked photos had been recorded for your surveillance system.

However, he added that the cameras had not been installed until this year, with the sole purpose of control tobacco use in toilets of the company. It is true that some of the people in the photos seem to have lit cigarettes in their hands, but on the other hand, they were all using their phones.

Apparently, two of the employees were fired and the third received a severe penalty and had his monthly performance score reduced to zero.

The Xiamen District Labor Safety Supervision Brigade is said to be carrying out a investigation into this case. But legal experts say the company must be held accountable, as installing cameras in non-public areas of toilets seriously violates the privacy of employees.