The Spanish group Eranovum, dedicated to accelerating the transition to a new energy era, has obtained funding from the Moves III plan to start up the first photolinera in Spain.

The construction of this emissions-free car fleet has as its main purpose is to contribute to the decarbonization of the transport sector, which produces 40% of C02 emissions globally, with a completely clean electric vehicle recharging proposal.

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The complex, which will be located on the N-3 at the height of Alarcón (Cuenca), it will allow ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles with 100% renewable energy and supplied directly and on a self-consumption basis by the group of Eranovum solar plants in the area (Olmedilla and Sabinar), without tolls or added costs. It is a unique concept, Unlike the “electrolineras”, the recharging station is completely disconnected from the electrical network and has all the power needed to supply ultra-fast charging to vehicles.

The facilities will save 2,000 tons of CO2 per year and will have four ultra-fast recharging points of more than 240 kW, reaching up to eight seats by the year 2032. In addition, the installation will have a 300 kWh capacity storage system using second life batteries from electric vehicles to keep the station operational during night hours.