Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chery GENE crossover presented with revolutionary design

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Chery has unveiled the concept crossover GENE. A feature of the novelty is a revolutionary exterior. The prototype was created as a demonstration of Chery’s new design philosophy: from 2025, all models of the Chinese brand will be made in a similar style. It can be assumed that serial Chery will get luminous logos, headlights and lanterns with full-width daytime running lights, minimalistic bumpers and almost vertical noses.

A photo:
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The Chery GENE crossover is a five-meter car about two meters wide and 1.75 meters high. The show car has tricky 23-inch wheels with a huge number of spokes, impressive ground clearance, a long wheelbase and a station wagon body with a sliding trunk. As planned by the developers, quadrocopters are placed behind.

Access to the cabin is through frameless hinged doors, there is no central pillar, inside there are four separate chairs with thin backs. There are no familiar controls: a 27-inch screen is installed in front. On mass Chery, such decisions are not to be expected in three years.

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It is known that Chery GENE is an electric car with solar panels on the roof, but the Chinese automaker kept silent about the technology.

Chery’s new design concept is likely to be applicable only to parent brand vehicles: the Chinese auto giant will certainly come up with its own style for sub-brands Exeed, Omoda and Jetour.

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Source: Rambler

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