Europe is very diverse and although there are different ways of reorganizing it (Southern Europe, Central Europe, etc.), in reality each country has its peculiarities and a unique idiosyncrasy.

But despite this, it is also undeniable that there are countries among which there is more affinity and similarity than others. With that idea in mind, those responsible for the Instagram account @loverofgeography They have created an interesting map.

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In it, the authors capture in each European country which is the other state that most resembles it. In some cases there are very obvious resultsas it may be that Ireland is the country most similar to Great Britain and vice versa.

It is also not surprising that The country that most resembles Spain is Portugal and that resemblance corresponds in the opposite case. But instead, it is curious that the country that most resembles Spain is Italy.

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The authors of this curious map maintain that the resemblances have been established based on criteria such as culture and physical appearance between these nations involved.

“For example, Denmark and the Netherlands they are very flat and have a very friendly infrastructure for cyclists”, say the authors of the map in the text of the photograph.