The new star of TikTok is called Max Balegde and is conquering all social networks with a very viral video in which he narrates his feelings while watching one of the most satisfying videos on the platform.

A simple domino effect surrounded by colors can bring many emotions and this Brit describes them all perfectly, to the point of getting more than 10 million views on his channel alone.

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“That Was a Wild Ride”says the recording, in which he makes such simple statements as “that has made me very happy”, “I’m a bit bored” or “What a beautiful display of colors.”

The acceptance has been such for such a simple video that, since even Chrissy Teigen would like it‘, he has decided to make a new one, where he is more demanding with the quality of the dominoes.

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This Brit actually has spent more than a year dedicating himself entirely to being Y and has worked with the major UK media as a presenter at music events. However, he continues to go viral for his comical way of expressing himself.

A few months ago, he also toured the entire Chinese social network by telling how, on his trip to Disneyland Paris, he had gotten drunk with his friend and started shopping non-stop at the amusement park gift shop.

@max_balegde Replying to @4loveisland Mickey Mouse expect my legal team to be in touch. #disney #disneyland ♬ original sound – Max_Balegde
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In that occasion, more than 27 million people They laughed at his story of how he had spent more than 350 euros in one of the stores. However, this new viral video is the first time that it crosses the borders of TikTok, making it a new sensation.