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What to do if the traffic police stopped: 12 rules of conduct

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Drivers stopped by traffic police inspectors have not only duties, but also rights. “Behind the wheel” tells how to behave with traffic cops. So, the motorist has the right:


Do not leave the vehicle

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If your car was stopped by a traffic police officer, you are absolutely not required to get out of it. The traffic cop will come to you himself. According to the regulations, he must approach the car from the driver’s door. The inspector may approach from the other side if there is interference or danger.

The traffic cop has the right to demand that you get out of the car if he needs to draw up a report or inspect the car, and also if you look tired and look like a drunk. It is not necessary to get out of the car for a standard check of documents.

Ask about the reasons for the stop

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The traffic police officer must explain to you why you were stopped. He is also obliged to list what documents he needs to show. Police officers have the right to stop cars for the sake of routine checks, even if the driver did not violate traffic rules.

Giving and not giving explanations

If you have committed any violation, you have the right to explain your actions in a conversation with a traffic cop. For example, if the rules were broken in order to avoid an accident. The police, in turn, must enter these explanations into the protocol.

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If you don’t want to explain anything, then you don’t have to. Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation allows not to testify against oneself.

Shoot traffic cops on video

You have the right to film the actions of traffic police officers on video. The resulting files can then be used as evidence in court.

True, in some situations, inspectors have the right to prohibit you from video filming. This may be due to operational measures or the desire to keep state secrets. In such cases, the police must have a document that confirms the ban.

Meet the Inspector

The traffic police officer is required to introduce himself when he stops the driver. The motorist has the right to look at his certificate, as well as find out the telephone number of the duty unit in which the traffic cop serves. The driver can call this number and check if this employee really works there.

Read the protocol or act

Traffic police officers draw up protocols and acts if the driver has violated the rules of the road, the car is inspected, things are taken out of the car, the vehicle is detained or the motorist is intoxicated. The driver has the right to familiarize himself with these documents and, if he does not agree with the information indicated in them, to make his own interpretation there. The traffic cop must give the driver a copy of the protocol or act.

Do not sign the document

If you do not agree with the information in the protocol, you may choose not to sign it. However, in reality, this does not provide any advantages. Not signing will not help you avoid a fine. It is better to make your own additions to the document, and then put your signature.

By the way, if you find any inaccuracies or errors in the document, do not rush to report them to the traffic cop. The court may refuse to consider incorrectly completed papers.

Don’t pay the fine right away

Traffic police officers do not have the right to demand payment of a fine in cash at the site of the violation. If you are offered to negotiate right now or are promised a discount, this is regarded as extortion of a bribe. In this case, you can write a complaint.

Pay fines by receipt or online. If you do this in the first 20 days after the decision is made, you will receive a 50% rebate (although it does not apply to fines for certain types of violations).

Require witnesses during the inspection

If a car is searched, witnesses must be present, and what is happening must be recorded on video. If these conditions are not met, you have the right to refuse inspection and demand that a representative of the duty unit be called to the place. Or enter information about the absence of video recording and witnesses in the protocol. The Court will not consider the results of such searches.

Don’t give away rights

Traffic police officers are not authorized to take away the rights of drivers on the road. Only the court can deprive you of your driver’s license, and the rights can be withdrawn only after he makes a decision. Until then, you can use your driver’s license.

Don’t breathe into a tube

If you suspect that the traffic cops breathalyzer is not working, you can refuse to check on the spot and demand that you be taken for a medical examination. The reason for refusal may also be the lack of a protocol form or another violation of the procedure.


If you think that a traffic cop violates the regulations, call the traffic police toll-free number 8 800 222 74 47. This is the hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You have the right to file a complaint, challenge the drawn up protocol, and also demand compensation for losses if the inspectors inflicted them on you.

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