This weekend, specifically this Sunday, September 18, begins the European Mobility Week, with clean and emission-free transport at the center of all events and events. The importance of changing the way we move to meet the emission reduction targets is only a small part of the entire scenario that will unfold until next September 22.

The electric car, how could it be otherwise, will also monopolize the center of attention. Although its selling price is still substantially higher than other car models, it has been shown to have the capacity to generate savings in the medium and long term: From recharging the battery to preventive maintenance, less than in the fuel models.

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Even so, it is possible to save even more thanks to our electric car if you take into account a number of factors. Specifically, these four that point from the insurance company Cleverea.

Analyze the electricity rate we have at home

Unfortunately, not all users have the option to charge their car at home. But if you do have that alternative, you can take advantage of the subsidies to make this installation and thus better control the cost of each recharge. For users who are in the regulated electricity market, who suffer more from sudden price changes, the best advice is to know the cheapest schedules and take advantage of them. For example, leaving the car plugged in at night.

plan the route

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Being aware of the kilometers we do daily will help us to know when is the best time to recharge. In this way, we will take better advantage of the cheap hours of light or the cheapest recharging points that we have along the way.

Know how to take advantage of public charging

There are some 15,000 public charging points in Spain, a figure that is still insufficient to cover user demand. In addition, some of them have a fairly high price, so it is not always worth resorting to them. At the other extreme, there are also very cheap or free (for example, in some shopping malls, hypermarkets, hotels or even workplaces). Doing a little research and taking advantage of these points can mean significant savings.

Consider autonomy.

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Autonomy is one of the basic requirements that must be taken into account when choosing one model of electric car or another. Having more kilometers of movement without needing to recharge gives us more freedom and, furthermore, if we have greater autonomy, we can go further on our trip to go to a cheaper recharging point or we can use the battery more until electricity is cheaper according to our rate.