Those of us who love animals and seek their well-being are very heavy. We insist and insist and insist until what we ask for, no matter how important it may be, becomes a rain that does not penetrate. Crucial messages but so hackneyed that they don’t attract attention, and we live in a society in which grabbing the attention of others is increasingly difficult.

One of those mantras we repeat is that an animal is a lifelong commitment, that we cannot take lightly opening our doors to a living being for which we have the moral and legal obligation to take responsibility until the end. I’m sure it sounds familiar to you, I’m sure you’ve heard it too many times already. I wish the whole society had internalized it, but until this is the case, the broken record will continue to play.

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However, this time they are not going to the same theme over and over again, but six different and related songs, because Having an animal is six commitments for life. Six, minimum.

The commitment to take care of them until the end of their days; the commitment to always consider them members of the family, unique individuals, never objects; the commitment to attend to their physical and mental health; the commitment to never use violence in any of its forms with them, because shouting is not educated, much less beating; the commitment to respect their tastes, understand their fears and not want to change their character; and the commitment to know their way of communicating and the needs of their species. A multiple commitment that is broken thousands of times daily.

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We will have to keep insisting.

A lifelong commitment.