Hautes Pyrenees: ski resort still recruiting for many seasonal jobs


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“Mountain you win! And recruiting! This is the title of a communication campaign between the National Association of Mountain Resort Mayors and Pôle Emploi to promote seasonal employment at ski resorts this winter. And this is the hotel, We’re talking about areas under tension: restaurants, transportation, stores, childcare, animation professions, etc. Every winter, mountain resorts create 120,000 direct jobs and 300,000 jobs generated by the resort’s economic activity. Remember, we recruit many seasonal workers from among our indirect hires.
Pôle Emploi’s agency, located near the ski resort, hosts multiple recruitment activities, including job searches and forums. To introduce mountain occupations and put job seekers in contact with companies.
In the Hautes-Pyrénées, some actions are set by Pôle Emploi and the service is accustomed to carry out on its territory with its partners. Thus, in Saint-Lary there was a traditional forum for seasonal workers, organized on 7 October by Pôle Emploi de Lannemeezan in collaboration with his GIPE. October 11th, and he will attend the Mountain Trade Forum in Bagneres on October 21st. “These three actions simultaneously generate communication about winter hiring needs. , it continues to work.Last year we saw this decline.This year we had over 200 visitors in Saint-Lars and over 300 in Argeles.On the other hand, when it comes to the profiles we receive, we are trying to distinguish ourselves There are better candidates to present. Companies are very happy with the candidates they have received and are hiring them directly.” I confessed that I left before the forum at the rally ended.

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The hotel and catering industry is the most stressful industry

From September to October, this sector had 175 offers in shops, 421 in hotels and restaurants and 55 in ski lifts on the shelves of Pôle Emploi.
Currently, there are still 73 vacancies in the industry (skimen, salespeople, supermarket employees, etc.), 174 in the hotel and catering industry and currently 16 in ski lifts.
“The hotel and catering industry remains the most stressed sector. It remains difficult to fill positions in cooks and services,” emphasizes Sonia Pusegle. “Even if there are fewer positions to fill than last season, the station still has jobs to fill. They are all published on the Pôle Emploi website.” , indicating that the issue of housing for workers, especially from outside the sector, remains an “employment brake”.

Source: Ladepeche

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