Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Italy-Netherlands: Where to watch live on TV and streaming


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After losing just one set 4-0, Italy wraps up Pool A against the hosts Netherlands. The Helredome match in Arnheim will also be the final match of the entire first phase, with final rankings determined. Used to form groups for Phase 2 of the competition. To ensure arrival in Rotterdam in his first place in the group, Mazzanti said his 3-1 loss to the Oranges in the final against Belgium and the Yellow Tigers’ victory on Sunday against Cameroon. At lunch, we were already mathematically last and out of the World Cup.

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For the Netherlands, they already have the certainty of making it through the round thanks to two African teams and three statements against Puerto Rico. He was paired with a wooden medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics following a bronze medal match China won in four sets after losing to Serbia in the semi-finals. Further reliance on turnover, already used by Mazzanti in previous releases, cannot be ruled out in the Italian ranks.

Italy-Netherlandsblue opponent

The Dutch technical guide is consigned to a name that evokes unpleasant memories of the blue men’s division. It’s Avital Selinger, piloting the Orange in control room to the gold medal at the Atlanta ’96 Olympics, replacing the injured Branget. Continuing his family tradition on the bench in the final against Italy (his father Allie was a coach at the time and was also inducted into the World Volleyball Hall of Fame). Captain Ambuis – a direct descendant of that Teun of his game team 1988 Seoul – formerly Monza and Busto. It was diagonally across from Dahlderop, where it was located. Spotlights are also on the other side, Celeste Plaque. He returned to volleyball in the summer of 2021 after a sabbatical from volleyball (with his flight topping Japan). and the Champions League between Bergamo and, above all, Novara). Triggered by setter Britt Bongarts, who finished the season with Bartocini Perugia in action at the club. At the center is Casalmaggiore’s new entry, Juliet Rofuis, paired with his Timmerman protagonist in Stuttgart and his other one tower in the Bundesliga. in Germany. Players not included in the starting six took timeouts on the field: from the second free Reesink to the opposite oblique setter (Dijkema-Dambrink, always double spent on his change). , Spiker he passed Savelkoe, Knollema. (residence in Superrega, Florence) and Jasper, and other polder centers.


Italy: 1 Rubian, 3 Gennari, 4 Bonifacio, 5 Marinov, 6 De Gennaro (L), 7 Felsino (L), 8 Oro, 9 C. Bosetti, 10 Chiricella, 11 Danesi, 14 Pietrini, 15 Nuwa Karol, 17 Scilla ( Chapter), 18 Egonu.herd mazanti

Netherlands: 2 Savelkoel, 4 Plak, 5 Knollema, 7 Lohuis, 9 Schoot, 11 Buijs (cap.), 12 Bongaerts, 14 Dijkema, 18 Jasper, 19 Daalderop, 20 Polder, 23 Timmerman, 25 Reesink (L), 26 Dambrink Herd Selinger

Italy-Netherlandswhere to watch the game on TV or streaming

The Italy-Netherlands match, scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd at 4pm, will be aired clear on Rai 2 and streamed on the Rai Play portal.It will also appear on the Sky Sport Uno channels (satellite numbers 201 and 239, digital terrestrial numbers 472 and 482) and Sky Sport Arena (satellite numbers 204 and 242), Sky Go and Now Tv. on the Volleyballworld.tv platform also available to subscribers of

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