FC Bayern fans protest Hoeneß


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Uli Hoeneß was outraged on last week’s football talk show ‘Doppelpass’ defending the Winter World Cup in Qatar. facing opposition. A protest banner is displayed during the Bundesliga match against Leverkusen.

FC Bayern fans used the Bundesliga match against Bayer Leverkusen to protest honorary president Uli Hoeneß’ comments about World Cup host Qatar. “Official visits, training his camp, thousands dying to celebrate his Cup of the Worlds…it’s only for your own conscience, Uli H.!” was the banner. Last weekend, Hoeneß defended controversial World Cup host Qatar from criticism on the Sport1 show ‘Doppelpass’ due to its human rights and foreign worker conditions.

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“The World Cup, FC Bayern and other commitments to sporting activities in the Gulf region mean that working conditions for workers there will be better, not worse. Ultimately we should accept that. , you should avoid hitting people all the time,” Hoeneß said. he called the show. The 70-year-old had a war of words with former DFL managing his director Andreas Rettig. The 59-year-old longtime Bundesliga manager and Hoeness exchanged verbal blows for about five minutes. Hoeneß backed World Cup host Qatar. Rettig is a proven critic of the final of the World Cup in the Persian Gulf Emirate.

“If corporate shareholders decide to sell their shares to Qatar, they can criticize it. For FC Bayern, the vote of its members seems to be of secondary importance, ”Rettig stressed afterwards. Rettig says the disagreements between him and Hoeneß, who has been head of the ‘attacking department’ for many years as FC Bayern coach, are no coincidence.

National airline Qatar Airways is one of Bayern’s main sponsors and wants to host a winter training camp in Bayern again this season. This business relationship has long been a hot topic in the fan scene. In the fall of 2021, the agenda sparked controversy at the General Assembly, ultimately leading to confusion. At the beginning of July, FC Bayern was invited to a roundtable discussion. The Qatari government has rejected the criticism. The final will start on November 20th. The final is December 18th.

Source: N-TV

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