Referees prevent brawls on the net


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Bulgaria’s Adrian Andreev clashes with France’s Corentin Moutet in Round 16 of the ATP Challenger Tournament in Orléans, France. Ultimately, the referee must intervene to prevent a brawl on the court.

In fact, Round 16 of the ATP Challenger Tournament in Orléans was just a passing point for local hero Corentin Moutet. The Frenchman was given a wildcard by the organizers and placed 64th in the world rankings. main attraction of the event. However, in the round of 16, his top seed was surprisingly eliminated. Moutet lost 6-2, 6-7, 6-7 to Adrian Andreev of Bulgaria, who is ranked 247th in the world. A scandal erupted when the two players shook hands on the net.

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The handshake was unusually strong, and there was even a hint of a headbutt. The two players then pushed each other and had to be stopped by the referee. The two brawlers finally left the square after being whistled by the audience.

After the incident, Moutet explained his views in an Instagram story. He apologized for what happened first. Tell me while he looks me in the eye, I can’t help but show him that I can’t. Andreev threatens him to wait for him at the exit of the square. Mute explained: “And of course I did. I tried to find him for 10 minutes. Hidden from the guards.”

The Frenchman didn’t want to tick the box for a while after the game. As he explained to Andreev in the video, “I heard your threat. I’m looking forward to it. The French player said of the tournament, which ended unexpectedly early, “I wanted to make progress to justify the wild card more. I’m sorry.”

Source: N-TV

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