“There is no anxiety”: Emelianenko on partial mobilization


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Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) Fedor Emelianenko commented on the partial mobilization announced in Russia. About it informs sports.ru.

A photo: RIA NewsRIA News

“Personally, I don’t have any anxiety: everything is in the hands of God, therefore, you need to trust. We are strongly attached to the earthly, so everyone is so excited. Without the will of God, a hair will not fall from our head, ”said the athlete.

Emelianenko also added that he himself does not experience anxiety about mobilization.

“Personally, I don’t have any anxiety: everything is in the hands of God, so you need to trust For me, it was a great discovery and a slight shock when you read the news about what is happening in the military registration and enlistment offices and that people are running, running from the draft,” he said.

In addition, the athlete mentioned that his colleagues continue to train, live “today” and are waiting for agendas.

September 21 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decree on partial mobilization.

Source: Rambler


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