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Mick Schumacher Still Has These 6 Options

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Mick Schumacher is more worried than ever about his future in F1. He only has five cockpits left for the 2023 season. Germans are not considered favorites in any of these places. But what are the possibilities in detail? And what are the alternatives?

Haas: The sign points to goodbye

A recent statement by team boss Gunther Steiner only admits one conclusion. Mick Schumacher is just the B solution for Haas. In an RTL/ntv interview, the South Tyrolean estimated the chances of the Germans staying at “50-50”. Meaning: If the team finds a better pilot, Schumacher is out. According to Steiner, he still takes his future with the US team into his own hands. But even if the 23-year-old manages to convince those involved in the season-ending races, the relationship will be permanently strained after the impasse.

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Steiner speaks vaguely of the ultimately decisive “intuition.” Clearly, so far this feeling has not fully convinced him with Schumacher. This is unlikely to change. In past races Schumacher has been strong in the Haas internal duel with Kevin Magnussen, but the VF-22 is a bit behind the competition and quick enough to score points on all routes. is not.

Alfa Romeo: no financial ace up your sleeve

On Thursday, Alfa announced a September 27th announcement. To this day, there are many indications that Racing his team will finalize his pairing of drivers for the 2023 season. Along with the already confirmed Valtteri Bottas, there are more indications that Zhou Guan Yu will also remain part of the pairing. Then Schumacher wouldn’t be able to run here either. Zhou has already confirmed the corresponding talks a week ago.At the same time, team principal Cedric Vasseur raved about the Chinese, who didn’t do everything right in their first year, but also didn’t make many mistakes.

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How much Zhou’s commitment is worth financially to the racing team can only be guessed at. There are no official figures on the flow of sponsorship funds from the Middle Kingdom. But they certainly would make Vasseur and Co.’s decision easier. Mick Schumacher doesn’t have that trump card. The fact that Alfa is still powered by Ferrari and Charles Leclerc engines today, and the fact that Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi joined the Swiss racing team because of this connection, hasn’t changed much.

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However, Alfa Romeo will withdraw at the end of 2023. Along with the driver announcements, the chances of Audi officially announcing its joining the traditional racing team grow with each passing day. After Sebastian Vettel’s resignation, Schumacher is now the only German driver of interest to German rookies in the medium term. However, this would require the 23-year-old to leave Ferrari.

Williams: Just one of many candidates

Williams revealed his worst-kept secret this week, finally officially separating from Nicholas Latifi. A million sponsors are not in the coffers. A clear favorite to succeed him is Nickdehis Fries, who knows the team well, and was recently courted in public by team boss Josthis Capito. However, the Dutchman sits high on the list of other teams since scoring points in his F1 debut (see below).

American Logan Sargent has also played a part in considering the British racing team. He’s Williams’ direct ticket to the U.S. market, and the possibilities seem nearly endless. And Mick Schumacher? He’s been getting rave reviews from Capito lately and is definitely one of his contenders. But with so many names ahead of him on the list, this German is just an underdog in the cockpit.

AlphaTauri: No Road to Red Bull

Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri cockpit is the dream of many drivers. Mick Schumacher is one of them. However, according to media reports, the Germans will not get the location. Nick de Vries is the frontrunner who could succeed Gasly after America’s outrage against Colton Hertha. Discussions have already taken place with the Dutchman and Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko.

But the Frenchman Gasly is still firmly on Red Bull’s B team. If AlphaTauri comes to the conclusion that there is no better driver than Gasly on the market, they will keep him for another year to buy him time to look for a replacement. Yuki Tsunoda’s appearance for another season has been decided.

Alpine: clear focus on Gasly

Alpine has perhaps the most attractive free cockpit to offer for the 2023 F1 season. The Frenchman is currently number one in midfield, so a place alongside Esteban Ocon is in high demand.Fernando his Alonso succeeds Sebastian his Vettel in his Aston Martin and is the designated successor Oscar his Piastri tricked his Renault works team in a move to McLaren.

Ocon is close friends with Schumacher and has been campaigning for weeks to sign the young German. But German is probably no more than a B solution here either. Alpine wants Pierre Gasly and will do several things to get the driver for AlphaTauri.

Rumors about Schumacher’s possible involvement have recently fizzled out as quickly as they arose. After it was first said that Schumacher would take part in the Alpine tests in Hungary, the team quickly denied it. A clear indication that the Germans are not really involved in the considerations.

Ferrari: What is Schumacher’s best chance?

Ultimately, a return to the second rink could be Schumacher’s best chance of staying in F1. There is no denying the possibility that Ferrari will intervene and acquire the 23-year-old driver as his successor. Schumacher is officially listed as a replacement for the Scuderia this season should Antonio Giovinazzi be sidelined. The Italian drove last in Formula E after being replaced at Alfa Romeo but had to struggle with major adjustment problems. and has never finished 16th or better in the last 5 races.

So it’s quite possible that Schumacher will take over the role of first reserve driver at Ferrari – if that doesn’t work where it usually is. The mission will likely be limited to simulators and the occasional Friday training session.

Source: N-TV

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