Friday, September 30, 2022

Lecce, when Umtiti returns

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Samuel Umtiti is a Corvino prodigy who has reinforced newly promoted Lecce. The experienced manager has brought to Puglia the central defender who won the World Cup in the French shirt and joined Barcelona’s ranks until August. A champion who has been limited by injury too often, the idea is here to bring him to a place where he can play continuously.

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So far, however, Umiti has played 0 minutes on five benches in a row in Serie A. Baroni counts on him even though he has found a reliable couple in Pograncic and Basquilot. The former Blaugrana has never entered the field simply because he was not yet in a position to do so. While there are no specific physical issues plaguing him at the moment, the defender has only played two of his games since August 2021 to date and his form needs to be improved. Barcelona vs A-League All Stars.

Therefore, Lecce adjusted its work program to make it available to the technicians as soon as possible, and it seems that the time has come. The stop represents the final step to accelerate and finally be able to debut with the new jersey. Umtiti could return next Sunday against Cremona on Sunday 2 October, or at the latest against Roma. Two important and delicate challenges for Salento, who claimed their first victory in the championship with seven points in his 2-1 win over Arechi di Salerno before the national team stopped.

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Umtiti is a key card to play on the relief card and some rumors have left players shivering as he has yet to be cut from the World Cup race. With so many great champions at your disposal, this is no easy task. Umtiti was then able to return to racing. His opponents are young Badiasil and Saliba, and he knows he can’t win thanks to Lecce.

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