Olympic champion in swimming Balandin ended his career as an athlete at 27


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Kazakh swimmer Dmitry Balandin, who won gold at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, ended his career as an athlete.

A photo: RIA NewsRIA News

In 2016, he won gold in the 200m breaststroke.

– Over the long years of training, I realized that hard work is always rewarded, and the dream is getting closer with every training day. Keep this in mind when you get too lazy to go to a workout or you don’t believe in yourself. All this is not in vain.

The most important thing in sports is support. Many thanks to my family for always supporting and helping me. Many thanks to all the coaches who invested their experience, their knowledge, their strength and nerves in my development as an athlete. Many thanks to my friends who have always been there. To my loving wife, who supported me in the most difficult moments.

Thank you all for believing in me and rooting for me. Together with you, we experienced both victories and defeats. Rejoiced at the conquest of new heights. I am still inspired. A new phase of my life begins. I have a lot of cool projects in my head that we will soon be implementing,” Balandin, 27, said in a video message that he posted on his social networks.

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