Thursday, September 29, 2022

15-year-old historic World Cup win

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Born almost 16 years ago in Western Siberia, Darja Varfolomeev won her first rhythmic gymnastics world championship title since 1975 for the German Gymnastics Federation. “She has nerves of steel,” her coach enthuses. Things look pretty good for the 2024 Olympics.

Darja Varfolomeev won her first Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship title in 47 years thanks to her incredible training diligence, prodigious talent and her mother. “Thanks to her, I also have a German passport. That’s why the two of us came to Germany three years before her,” said the 15-year-old in Sofia. Said before playing the best sport in the world championships held. There she won a total of five medals, including a gold in club and a silver in all-around.

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“It’s a very good moment for me and for Germany as a whole,” said Bartolomeev. “I’m glad I was able to complete it with all my ingenuity. I can’t say more because my feelings have reached the peak.”

Born in Barnaul, West Siberia, the gymnast has secured a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris for the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB). 2nd place on the ball and team, bronze on the ribbon rounded out an excellent performance.

15 year old is silent about Russia

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“Daja has nerves of steel,” said team principal Isabel Sawadeh. It shows that we are on the right track. “

Varfolomeev’s father, brother and dog have migrated to Germany and live with his mother and an extraordinary gymnast in Fellbach near Stuttgart. Only paternal grandparents remained in Siberia. Still, they play a huge role in their granddaughter’s path to success.Varfolomeev: “I always call my grandma before a match to tell her exactly when to cross my fingers.” increase.”

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Not only is Varforomeev evasive about the situation of her former training buddies in relation to the Russian attack on Ukraine because German language issues remain, but also because of the ban on starting direct No contact. I’m sorry, but that’s right. “

Source: N-TV

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