Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Finnish national team was urged to boycott the World Cup if the Russians were admitted

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Finnish journalist Riku Isokoski, in an article for Jatkoaika, said that the NHL expressed their intention to invite the Russian team to the Ice Hockey World Cup. He expressed his indignation at such an initiative and called on Finnish hockey players to boycott the event if the Russians were still admitted.

A photo: © IIHF press service© IIHF press service
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Riku Isokoski explained that it is important for the NHL to participate in the tournament of the brightest stars. The league wants to make as much money as possible. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine takes place at a great distance from the United States, does not directly affect the population of this country.

In addition, it is important for the NHL to create a kind of tension before matches, especially those where Russia will play against Canada and the United States. The created intrigue will spur the audience’s interest in the Cup, give a topic for conversation.

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The journalist emphasized that if sports organizations announce the participation of the Russian team openly, in advance, then the Finnish hockey federation will have to directly declare the non-participation of the national team in the tournament.

Isokoski urged “to do everything possible” so that the Russian team does not get into the World Cup.

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Source: Rambler

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