What is Bluetooth LE Audio?


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Bluetooth LE audio is more than just an improvement in wireless transmission for headphones and speakers, it’s a small technological revolution. ntv.de explains what the new standard can do.

In January 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) unveiled Bluetooth LE audio for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but the starting shots for the new standard fell this summer. It was onlyNow we have to move quickly: Qualcomm, among other things, recently new chip We announced something that supports technology. The first headphones and earbuds with Bluetooth LE audio will likely be seen at next CES.

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LE stands for Low Energy, or low power consumption. This technology was introduced in his 2009 with Bluetooth 4.0 and has since evolved further. Among other things, the reduction in bitrate due to lower energy requirements has improved, making Bluetooth LE fit for the Internet of Things.

Despite improved data rates, headphones and earbuds still don’t use Bluetooth LE for audio transmission, only for transmission of information such as coupling or battery charge level. Instead, music will continue to play over the more energy-intensive Bluetooth Classic, as it allows for a more stable connection and higher bitrates, resulting in higher quality. This applies not only to high-definition codecs such as Qualcomm aptX and Sony LDAC, but also tosound guys‘ is also for standard codec SBC.

New codec LC3

However, Bluetooth Audio LE comes with a new codec LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec/Transmission Codec), which should deliver high quality and very low latency even at low data rates. “Extensive listening tests have shown that LC3 offers superior audio quality even at 50% lower bitrates than the SBC codec included in Classic Audio,” said Manfred Rutsky. . Fraunhofer IIS, developed by LC3 in collaboration with Ericsson. “Developers can take advantage of these power savings to create products that offer longer battery life, or shrink form factors by using smaller batteries if current battery life suffices. I can do it.”

LE Audio also improves wireless earbuds by wirelessly communicating with both earbuds at the same time. Now the signal is first he sent to one channel and then transferred to another channel. The extremely low latency means more gamers will be able to do cordless headphones in the future.

Multi-stream audio and Auracast

Another key innovation that LE Audio brings is the ability to control a virtually unlimited number of Bluetooth receivers from a single source. So far, the user is looking forward to using his Bluetooth 5.0 to connect the headphones to two of his devices, such as a smartphone and a notebook, at the same time. Multi-stream audio allows you to share music with many friends.

Auracast lets you use your own headphones for guided tours of museums and more. To connect, just scan the code. The same works for international conferences and auditoriums with interpreting voices. With LE Audio, there’s no need for nonsensical messages to appear on the waiting room TV without sound, and anyone who wants can hear them through a headset. In the future, DJs will be able to play on headphones at his parties, large concerts will no longer need a wall of speakers to echo in the back row, and movie theaters will allow everyone to watch movies in their language of choice. you will be able to see.

Encrypted transmissions may be used for security reasons, or a password or other additional input may be required to participate in Auracast. In theory, malicious code could be smuggled into your device through the connection.last year warned the BSI Combats Bluetooth vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit while within wireless range.

Big Benefits for Hearing Aid Wearers

Bluetooth Audio LE also supports hearing aids, which is very useful for hearing-impaired people. For example, you can use this technology to watch TV with your hearing family members without additional devices and never miss an important announcement on the train again.

In cinemas, theaters, or auditoriums, people with limited hearing benefit more from technology than those with normal hearing. It is common to mark a special place near the ring loop where the transmission can be received.”MeinHörgerät.de“.

You don’t necessarily have to buy new hardware to enjoy Audio LE. The technology requires Bluetooth 5.2, which many devices have been selling since last year. A firmware update may enable the feature if provided by the manufacturer. Sony shouts “computer basedFor example, they announced that they would be releasing a corresponding update for their LinkBuds S earbuds.

Source: N-TV

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