The PlayStation 5 went on sale almost two years ago. Since then, Sony has been incorporating internal hardware improvements which can be easily seen if you open up a 2020 console and compare it to one of the latest ones they’ve sold. In one of his last changes, have incorporated a new processor that is just as powerful as the previous ones, but promises to be more efficient.

Until now, the PS5 had a chip called ‘Oberon’, but recently they have changed it to ‘Oberon Plus‘. The reason for this ‘Plus’ is hidden in the manufacture of the processor, which was previously done through TSMC’s N7 photolithographic process and has become the N6 process.

This modification makes it possible for developers to introduce the same number of transistors on a smaller chip. In this way, the Sony console maintains its power and other advantages that it already had, but the size of the ‘die’ is from 300 mm2 to 260 mm2.

With this novelty, the processor will generate less heat and, therefore, ventilation system could be slimmer. According to some experts, the Oberon Plus would reduce the production costs of the PS5 and increase the economic benefits of Sony.

The chip change will not result in a reduction in the price of this console, which recently rose. However, feed the rumors about the possibility that the company is working on a version of the slimmest PS5 and without integrated Blu-ray reader.