Some cybercriminals are taking advantage of second-hand product trading platforms (Wallapop, Vinted…) to deceive sellers. According to the Huesca National Police Station, the scammers write to those who offer their articles pretending that they are interested.

Along with the message, the cybercriminals add a link that appears to come from the application. When victims click on it, they are asked to provide his phone number to continue with the sale.

In the event that the seller falls into the trap and enters said data, you will automatically receive a message with another link through an instant messaging platform (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal…). There, they will be asked for information to supposedly complete the sale.

Cybercriminals sometimes impersonate the platform's Technical Support.

Among the data requested, there are bank card details, such as number, expiration date or CVV code. The Huesca authorities explain that, sometimes, cybercriminals also send another message in which they pretend to be the Technical Support Service.