Several electronic device manufacturers have stopped shipping chargers with the sale of their products. However, in few houses these chargers are missing: many already have the one for their old smartphone, the one for the tablet, the one for the speaker, etc.

The important thing is to check that the voltage coincides with that required by the mobile and does not exceed it, so as not to damage your battery or cause an explosion hazard. There are occasions when users may notice that after charging their smartphones, their charger is hot, but should they worry in these cases?

The reason a charger can get hot

Chargers convert alternating current (AC) power from an outlet into direct current (DC) to charge phones or other devices. For that reason, It is normal for the charger to get hot. a little in the process.

To transform AC into DC, an electrical component called a transformer, which produce heat by conducting electricity from the mains to the appliance. The more current the transformer moves, the more heat it will produce.

In general, this does not mean that the device is going to explode due to a malfunction. Alerts should sound in the event that the charger is so hot that it can barely be touchedsince it would mean that something has failed.

When this happens, users immediately unplug the charger and check for any visible sign of dirt or obstruction on the pins from which it connects to the outlet. The same has to be done with the USB cable and the USB port of the device.

Once the charger, cable and port have been thoroughly cleaned, it can be tested again. If it continues to overheat, It is recommended to change the charger. The normal thing is that there is no explosion or risk of fire, but it could happen if it gives this type of problem.

Regardless of whether the charger is working properly or not, it is advisable do not charge anything while being near something flammable or combustible.