The (site)is a scam used by cybercriminals to impersonate a company through an email that try to get bank or personal details. This fraud has a variant called (site)another very similar scam but using SMS as a recruitment bait.

They both use a (site)similar to convince users to click on a linkin this way, obtain data or infect a device with computer viruses.

The (site)and the (site)have sneaked into dating apps with the aim of taking advantage of users in dangerous ways, but what exactly do cybercriminals do?

scammers fake profiles are created to start conversations with the victims, in this way, they try to create a bond of trust with the users to ask them for money over time.

You may be familiar with this action from the famous Netflix documentary called ‘The Tinder Scammer’, right? Not far from fiction, these facts have a place in reality. cyber criminals they disappear when they receive the money, In addition, they request large quantities.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that install some kind of (site)on devices through the applications when the contacts send each other a file to download.

In this situation, you have to be careful with certain multimedia content because it will be a trap for steal passwords and bank details.

Tinder, Badoo or Grindr (among the most famous) incorporate message encryption that makes them more secure to avoid this type of scam, however, users must ensure their safety to avoid information theft or identity theft.