The Aerospace & Defense division of the Spanish company Arquimea has developed a new tactical loitering drone capable of being carried in a backpack. Its name is Q-SLAM-40 and it was presented at UNVEX, a drone event that was held in Seville a week ago.

A loitering drone consists of an unmanned vehicle with a projectile as a payload. The device only used onceusually because it self-destructs on hitting its targets and reduces collateral damage when doing so.

As demonstrated at UNVEX, the unmanned vehicle can be deployed in just 5 minutes and has a flight range of 12 minutes, traveling up to 12 kilometers. In addition, the Q-SLAM-40 can be carried in two soldiers’ backpacks for a wide variety of tasks, such as object acquisition, surveillance, reconnaissance or damage assessment.

The Q-SLAM-40 has 3 key elements for its manufacture: the pneumatic launcher, the aerial platform and the control station. The former has a low thermal and acoustic footprint, the latter is a quiet, electric-powered lightweight drone with foldable wings for easy loading and launching, and the latter consists of a tablet and communications antenna.

The drone can be used as a projectile against a target.

Of the aerial platform, it should be noted that it is capable of performing multidirectional maneuvers to adapt the direction to the mission objective. The drone and the control station communicate via a high-speed, bidirectional and encrypted data link systemwhich allows its operation in areas where a GPS system is not available.

For its part, the control tablet is what makes it possible for the pilot to control the Q-SLAM-40 and the flight parameters. With the control system, you can access a large number of automatic and controlled flight modes.

The Arquimea drone has been developed as part of a loitering munition research and development contract for the Spanish Army that will last until October 2023. The agreement was signed last year together with the General Directorate of Armament and Material of the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

As explained in the website from the ministry, the company specializing in the manufacture of marauding drones hopes to certify the drone it has been working on for years. Its intention is that it be operational in a short period of time and test it before the end of 2022.